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Kingdomhearts Club Rules

Please read the Group Rules before you submit!

:star:Members can submit 1 deviation a day and visitors once a week.To join our group please click on the button on the front page to enable more gallery priveleges!

:star:Only Kingdom Hearts related artwork will be allowed into the gallery.That’s pretty obvious. So have it related to KH in some way, whether it's a world or a crossover or what not. If it's just a Dragon Ball Z character, or a picture of Spongebob and Patrick dancing at a club, it will be denied!

:star:Please submit the artwork to the correct folder. It should be OBVIOUS where ALL your art pieces go. If it’s just Sora, into the Sora folder. If it’s just Axel, into the Axel folder. If it’s cosplay, into the cosplay folder, etc. If it looks like it doesn’t belong in any of the available folders, but is kingdom hearts related, then it belongs in Misc. Submissions into the wrong folder will be denied instantly without notice.

:star:Only original artwork will be allowed into the gallery. Don’t trace or copy or steal someone else's work then hope for it to be accepted. It will not...and if it is? It was probably and accident and you will be caught and reported for art theft. On that note, if it is your original piece, do NOT put the copyright Kingdom Hearts logo on it! We cannot accept those either, so if you decided to watermark your art with a KH logo, it will be denied! Stock images are allowed so long as you provide credit and a link back to the reference picture clearly in your description. We just don’t want to get into trouble, okay? If you have any questions regarding this term please feel free to inquire at the club via an Admin.

:star:You must adhere to deviantART's policies which includes tagging the art as containing adult material. That means if anyone's naked, put up a MATURE CONTENT Filter. It’s nice to have a warning for certain material such as gore, violence, nudity, or strong language. Some people in this group aren’t allowed or just don’t want to see it. Questions regarding this should be directed to the deviantART FAQs.

:star:Be respectful of your fellow artists' work. We have not had a problem with this in the past, but it is worth stating for reference. If you harass other members the issue will be investigated and the guilty party will have Group privileges revoked.

:star:No Renders are allowed! This means that no 3D downloaded models of Kingdom Hearts Characters will be accepted in any form in this club/group. They still belong to the property of Square Enix and Disney, and this also includes edited or fixed wallpapers and things of the like.

:star:kingdomhearts can and may make changes to these terms at any time with or without prior notice.

That being said we hope you will all be patient as changes are being made to make your experience more richer. We hope you all enjoy your new access and use it wisely. Thank you!


Kingdom Hearts Group is proud to affiliate with these Kingdom Hearts, Square Enix/Disney Groups!

Journal Writers

Latest Favourite Artists

AyameHikari here from a long break due to the beginning of school! Yay for 3D Animation~ Not really I hate it.

You all know that, so long as its Kingdom Hearts related, you are allowed to message us about things here and there, things that might interest you, things you've discovered! Maybe things you have done that you would like to show off? That is what The Fan Corner blog posts are all about! Showing you all amazing things that amazing fans have done! I know I haven't posted much Kingdom Hearts information lately, but maybe you guys would like to enter a contest to get into the holiday spirit. :dance:

:iconvanycat: Is holding a Kingdom Hearts AU Halloween contest!…

The objective is to "Choose one or more characters of Kingdom Hearts, put them in an alternate universe context (halloween themed) and made up a little backstory to justify the choice."

So all you really need to do is draw a Halloween themed work of your favorite Kingdom Hearts characters, then in the description explain a little story about what you had made. :heart: Sounds reasonable right?

This contest started yesterday [October 10th] And there are already lists of prizes to win!


1st place will receive 250:points: and...  
:bulletred: 1 chara flat color
:bulletorange: 1 chara colored fullbody
:bulletyellow: 1 sketchy little animation with one simple move
:bulletgreen: fullbody sketch (no bg) max 2 chara
:bulletblue: 1 chara fullbody flat color  

And the other places receive prizes as well! :la:

Please consider entering the contest to show off your true skill! Feel free to click the link above so you can gather as much information as needed for the contest! Hope you all get a chance to win!

Remember, feel free to send notes about anything KH related, anything at all if you ever have some sort of UNDYING NEED~ to feed the group information! Or~ always feel free to comment on the main front page~ We read everything. :heart: Never feel ignored.

Thank you so much for everything!


Please, Please, PLLEEEAAASSEEEE don't forget to try and help out the :iconkingdomhearts: Group in obtaining the title as SUPER GROUP! :la: Please try and donate, or find people to help donate as much as possible! Please donate as many points or even as little points as you can, any amount is appreciated. :heart: If you would like to donate points to our group, please click dis pretty face here -->:iconkingdomheartsdp:<-- and reach the donation pool!
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taka-maple Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Can you give reason when work is declined because I think this is like the 7th time this has happened - 
I'm positive I'm submitting to the right folders.
AyameHikari Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014  Student General Artist
Which work is being declined? And which folders are you submitting them to? I'll be glad to help!
taka-maple Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
+ 2.5 Remix Countdown! + by taka-maple
This was declined from the heroes folder?
I'm not sure where else to put it :c
my submissions to the heroes folder usually get declined
and im not sure why
karusuman Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I declined it because you had submitted it to the Heroes folder which is reserved for deviations containing three or more heroes(only) included. Your deviation contains villains so it would be more appropriate to have submitted it to Group folder. Thank you for your understanding :)
(1 Reply)
AyameHikari Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014  Student General Artist
First of all, awesome piece. :heart:

Secondly, okay this looks like it should actually just be in the group folder? Considering that some of the characters in this aren't really heroes.

However, would it be okay to just submit this to the featured folder..? ;w;
(1 Reply)
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