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:star:Please submit the artwork to the correct folder. It should be OBVIOUS where ALL your art pieces go. If it’s just Sora, into the Sora folder. If it’s just Axel, into the Axel folder. If it’s cosplay, into the cosplay folder, etc. If it looks like it doesn’t belong in any of the available folders, but is kingdom hearts related, then it belongs in Misc. Submissions into the wrong folder will be denied instantly without notice.

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:star:You must adhere to deviantART's policies which includes tagging the art as containing adult material. That means if anyone's naked, put up a MATURE CONTENT Filter. It’s nice to have a warning for certain material such as gore, violence, nudity, or strong language. Some people in this group aren’t allowed or just don’t want to see it. Questions regarding this should be directed to the deviantART FAQs.

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:star:No Renders are allowed! This means that no 3D downloaded models of Kingdom Hearts Characters will be accepted in any form in this club/group. They still belong to the property of Square Enix and Disney, and this also includes edited or fixed wallpapers and things of the like.

:star:kingdomhearts can and may make changes to these terms at any time with or without prior notice.

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Hello hello hello my friends. I hope u have all been well. I have as usual been slaving about existence scraping by when a ray of light shined down upon me and the rest of us last week.

Paris Games Week is normally not the place one expects to find major bombshell news drops. Its a notable expo for our fellow french gamers, and usually little if anything comes out of there. Until for some reason this year Square Enix decided to make this E3 for Kingdom Hearts. . .  We received bombshell news drop after news drop, my heart nearly exploded out of my chest last Thursday . . .

Square Enix started off by putting a bow on the first two Kingdom Hearts games in advance of the third, offering the HD 1.5 Remix + 2.5 Remix titles for the PS4! This was mega huge as numerous people have been complaining for years about the number os systems the spin off titles have been on and now with this and 2.8 and eventually KH3, every game in the series will be available on the PS4. 

Then came the interesting news that Sora would be coming to the recently released World of Final Fantasy. He's gonna be a free download this winter, sporting his outfit from Dream Drop Distance.

Then came the news that literally made me have to stop my car that I was driving!

As Kingdom Hearts fans we had been already having an exciting morning. But Square said In addition to sharing the news that Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix collection is on its way, Square Enix also released a pair of new Kingdom Hearts III screens, showing Sora in HIS NEW DRIVE FORMS!!!!

Square said in a tweet that, while they didn't have any additional news for Kingdom Hearts III, they wanted to give fans a look at the Guard Form, which is a new Drive Form. Yes, Drive Forms, which were in Kingdom Hearts II and allow Sora to transform into more powerful forms, are back! The one shown in the images is a transformation of the Keyblade of Herc's Shield. . . . AT least thats how it looks. The image below is that of Sora in what appeared to be known as the Power form, and the Keybalde he is holding had to be blurred as its a hammer type weapon obtained on another world not revealed yet. Wreck It Ralph perhaps? Maybe Fix It Felix's hammer? Hmmm .  . .

And speaking of worlds, Check out Mount Olympus in the back, thats our first true look at the home of the Gods, I cannot wait to meet Hercule's mom and dad ^^

And just as Square was ending its showcase, they apparently said fuck it and then dropped the Opening Cinematic to Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth By Sleep: A Fragmentary Passage . . . .

. . . . . 

Is there anyone else here who just got the mega shovers and who almost cried watching this? Cause I sure damn did.

I mean apart from the fact that this is one of the most beautiful Cinematics I've ever seen and I love the remix to Simple and Clean, the Cinematic had so much to show! Aqua for starers is just . . . so beautiful. I already liked her but ever since she came out 6 years ago back in 2010 she's grown on me more and more and more. And seeing Master Aqua's struggles have been so emotional to watch.

You see my friends, a few weeks ago at New York Comic Con, I was surprised to find out that the demo for 2.8 was available . . . In a trance I waited on line for 2 hours and 20 minutes for a wait soon worth it. Fluid, controls, beautiful graphics, fun and updated battle system, but what I noticed above all was just how sad and lonely Aqua was lost in the realm of darkness . . . (Long story short we are all in for a treat when u get your hands on the game)

So seeing her smile, that beautiful smile on Aqua's face throughout the trailer brought me such a refined joy that is hard to explain. All of us fans know the story and the events transpiring within he cinematic, but to sell see how she feels, conveyed so perfectly on screen . . . . . Square really knows how to play with our hearts, she misses Terra and Ventus so much. The smile she had as she stood with them and when she was free falling through the sky with them (I can only imagine the grins you had on your faces during that scene) it really warms the heart to see that.

And King Mickey, oh the King, I doubt very much that my grandparents would have through the cartoon mouse who came out nearly a century ago would still be bringing smiles to people, but when he appeared to save Aqua boy was I hyped up.

(Side Note I believe that castle that was enveloped in darkness was the Enchanted Dominion if i am not mistaken. Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Cinderella did all lose their worlds around this time after all)

But what I know really got you hearts pumping was seeing Sora's hand reach for Aqua's . . . The hope that coursed through my body after witnessing that . . . Its hard to convey the words that I know many of you felt as I did . . .

You see my friends, if you remember the very first official announcement trailer for Kingdom Hearts III, it was Sora finding Master Eraqus former Keyblade on the beach of the Destiny Islands. And remember that was where Sora and RIku entered when they escaped the Realm of Darkness in Kingdom Hearts II . . . . I wonder if Sora will be there to greet the master the way Kairi was there to greet her friends. . . .

The joy and hope and excitement I've been feeling since seeing this Cinematic is a constant reminder of how much I love Kingdom Hearts and how excited I am for January and beyond . . . There's so much to be excited for. So tell me what you guys think? Did u all catch feelings the same way  did, or perhaps I'm just an emotional fan boy basket case, let me know in the comments ^^

Until next time, Hope u guys have an awesome November :D

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