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Kingdomhearts Club Rules

Please read the Group Rules before you submit!

:star:Members can submit 1 deviation a day and visitors once a week.To join our group please click on the button on the front page to enable more gallery priveleges!

:star:Only Kingdom Hearts related artwork will be allowed into the gallery.That’s pretty obvious. So have it related to KH in some way, whether it's a world or a crossover or what not. If it's just a Dragon Ball Z character, or a picture of Spongebob and Patrick dancing at a club, it will be denied!

:star:Please submit the artwork to the correct folder. It should be OBVIOUS where ALL your art pieces go. If it’s just Sora, into the Sora folder. If it’s just Axel, into the Axel folder. If it’s cosplay, into the cosplay folder, etc. If it looks like it doesn’t belong in any of the available folders, but is kingdom hearts related, then it belongs in Misc. Submissions into the wrong folder will be denied instantly without notice.

:star:Only original artwork will be allowed into the gallery. Don’t trace or copy or steal someone else's work then hope for it to be accepted. It will not...and if it is? It was probably and accident and you will be caught and reported for art theft. On that note, if it is your original piece, do NOT put the copyright Kingdom Hearts logo on it! We cannot accept those either, so if you decided to watermark your art with a KH logo, it will be denied! Stock images are allowed so long as you provide credit and a link back to the reference picture clearly in your description. We just don’t want to get into trouble, okay? If you have any questions regarding this term please feel free to inquire at the club via an Admin.

:star:You must adhere to deviantART's policies which includes tagging the art as containing adult material. That means if anyone's naked, put up a MATURE CONTENT Filter. It’s nice to have a warning for certain material such as gore, violence, nudity, or strong language. Some people in this group aren’t allowed or just don’t want to see it. Questions regarding this should be directed to the deviantART FAQs.

:star:Be respectful of your fellow artists' work. We have not had a problem with this in the past, but it is worth stating for reference. If you harass other members the issue will be investigated and the guilty party will have Group privileges revoked.

:star:No Renders are allowed! This means that no 3D downloaded models of Kingdom Hearts Characters will be accepted in any form in this club/group. They still belong to the property of Square Enix and Disney, and this also includes edited or fixed wallpapers and things of the like.

:star:kingdomhearts can and may make changes to these terms at any time with or without prior notice.

That being said we hope you will all be patient as changes are being made to make your experience more richer. We hope you all enjoy your new access and use it wisely. Thank you!


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Hello hello my fellow Kingdom Hearts fans. Forgive the silence on my part, life has been quite hectic since my last blog but enough about that, much has been revealed in the past few months.

Now back in June Square Enix announced not that long after E3 that it would be revealing more new information on Kingdom Hearts III at both the D23 event in Anaheim California in August (naturally in the form of the reveal of Big Hero 6)  But also in Japan at its D23 event in November. Well as some of you know the big day came and for most of us in the states we waited until the early hours of the morning awaiting a big reveal, 3 a.m. rolled around and . . . . 2 screenshots . . . Needless to say we were a tad bit pist . . . Square Enix at times has a tendency to screw with the emotions of its fans which I have no idea why they do so but as the weeks rolled on it appeared we were to be getting nothing. But just a week before Christmas Square surprised us with an early present during the annual Jump Festa. A brand new trailer!!!!!! For not only Kingdom Hearts III but 2.8 as well!!! And though the long awaited Kingdom Hearts III is what we crave I have to say I am quite excited for the last collection before the big 3 arrives.    But just what did we learn from the trailer, quite a bit actually. That first conversation with Master Yen Sid, Kairi, Riku, and King Mickey was eye opening indeed. As we have all longed hoped, there is a way to save Terra, Aqua, and Ventus! And apparently King mickey has some secrets that he's kept from us since his last time in the realm of Darkness . . . And according to Nomura- Sensei himself, the Birth By Sleep 0.2 part of 2.8 will essentially be our version of Ground Zeroes before Metal Gear Solid 5. Meaning its basically a demo of things to come, that the short episode will be running on the Kingdom Hearts 3 engine and be about the same length of a single world in KH3. And we'll be going through it as the beautiful Master Aqua who I have been dying to know her whereabouts since the secret episode in the first Birth By Sleep and it is all looking gorgeous! 

Then of course is Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover which will essentially be the Cinematic story of the events of Kingdom Hearts Unchained X.

Quick Side Note on that we in the West received the trailer for it months ago yet still do not have the game for smart phones. . . WTF is Square doing, its receiving essential commercials and coverage and popularity in Japan and its a canon story before the Great Keyblade War that we all wish to see, it is quite annoying that they are taking so long! 

And then of course is Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD which . . .  Honestly most of us care about least but it'll be cool to play it on a console and for people who haven't played that game on 3DS so plus for that.  

But then came the humongous news! New Gameplay footage of Kingdom Hearts III, with the Kingdom of Corona (Tangled), Mount Olympus (Hercules), Twilight Town, and The Mysterious Tower, home of Master Yen Sid. Of interesting note on the trailer besides all the flashy combos and cool animations was that Nobodies are returning and the ones showcased had scythes and flower petals like a certain defetaed Organization member from Castle Oblivion . . . Is Marluxia returning hmmm . . . and also it would appear that Shotlocks are returning as they were quite a cool ability in BBS so it'll be fun to experimen with that. But of most major note was a new Attraction Flow reveal. The Shooting Ride which in real life is a Buzz Lightyear ride in Disney Land, Hmmmm . . . more confirmation about that long awaited Toys Story world . . . .    

Still no release date for 3 but they have confirmed that 2.8 is coming out this year exclusively for PS4 and that it will be the LAST game to release before Kingdom Hearts 3. Does this mean were looking at a 2017 release date . . . Who can say but it is confirmed that we'll still be getting more info and news on KH3 this year so we have that to look forward to as we agonizingly wait. So what of this news has you the most excited? Are you sick and tiered of waiting or do u have the patience of a saint? Lets discuss ^ Until next time its ya boy pokediginut signing off ;)
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