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Kingdomhearts Club Rules

Please read the Group Rules before you submit!

:star:Members can submit 1 deviation a day and visitors once a week.To join our group please click on the button on the front page to enable more gallery priveleges!

:star:Only Kingdom Hearts related artwork will be allowed into the gallery.That’s pretty obvious. So have it related to KH in some way, whether it's a world or a crossover or what not. If it's just a Dragon Ball Z character, or a picture of Spongebob and Patrick dancing at a club, it will be denied!

:star:Please submit the artwork to the correct folder. It should be OBVIOUS where ALL your art pieces go. If it’s just Sora, into the Sora folder. If it’s just Axel, into the Axel folder. If it’s cosplay, into the cosplay folder, etc. If it looks like it doesn’t belong in any of the available folders, but is kingdom hearts related, then it belongs in Misc. Submissions into the wrong folder will be denied instantly without notice.

:star:Only original artwork will be allowed into the gallery. Don’t trace or copy or steal someone else's work then hope for it to be accepted. It will not...and if it is? It was probably and accident and you will be caught and reported for art theft. On that note, if it is your original piece, do NOT put the copyright Kingdom Hearts logo on it! We cannot accept those either, so if you decided to watermark your art with a KH logo, it will be denied! Stock images are allowed so long as you provide credit and a link back to the reference picture clearly in your description. We just don’t want to get into trouble, okay? If you have any questions regarding this term please feel free to inquire at the club via an Admin.

:star:You must adhere to deviantART's policies which includes tagging the art as containing adult material. That means if anyone's naked, put up a MATURE CONTENT Filter. It’s nice to have a warning for certain material such as gore, violence, nudity, or strong language. Some people in this group aren’t allowed or just don’t want to see it. Questions regarding this should be directed to the deviantART FAQs.

:star:Be respectful of your fellow artists' work. We have not had a problem with this in the past, but it is worth stating for reference. If you harass other members the issue will be investigated and the guilty party will have Group privileges revoked.

:star:No Renders are allowed! This means that no 3D downloaded models of Kingdom Hearts Characters will be accepted in any form in this club/group. They still belong to the property of Square Enix and Disney, and this also includes edited or fixed wallpapers and things of the like.

:star:kingdomhearts can and may make changes to these terms at any time with or without prior notice.

That being said we hope you will all be patient as changes are being made to make your experience more richer. We hope you all enjoy your new access and use it wisely. Thank you!

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:iconimmakillyouplz: Oh yay... another journal about reading the rules. C'mon you guys... seriously.

First off I'd like to apologize for lack of blog updates on the latest Kingdom Hearts news, :( it is entirely my fault, no one else is to blame except myself, and I promise as soon as life events and issues are dealt with I will be up and around once again.


Though to get to the focus of this, the main point of this entry is only because of a few people that lately seem to get whiny about their pieces of work being declined. It should usually be obvious why a piece of work is declined, if you have read the rules at least then you would know why your work is declined. IF your work is declined, you need to double check on your own, was it in the right folder? Was it a 3D model and not your own work? Was it just copied from someone else? Etc...

I will not quote DA users directly, but a lot of the comments we started receiving deal with sentences such as "Sorry my art is not good enough for you" or "At least tell me why it was declined Jesus Christ" and things of that nature.


So here's what we, as the admins, always state(At least the rules I remind myself to go by and you as Kingdom Hearts Groupers should note) :

:bulletred: If it disobeys the rules, it is declined without question and without notification.
:bulletred: If your work is declined, LOOK THROUGH THE RULES to see what you did wrong.
:bulletred: Don't complain to us for doing our job.
:bulletred: Do NOT submit to the Featured Folder, Admins pick and choose themselves who deserves to be there, not YOU.
:bulletred: Sassy remarks and comments will be dealt with... sassilly... right back at you. Be warned.
:bulletred: Once again if your work is declined it has something to do with the rules being broken, so READ IT BEFORE BEING A JERK.

I don't even know why we have to keep making entries like these.

I know and understand that people like to be told why a work is declined, but if you follow the rules? Then hey! You wouldn't be declined in the first place. Most often it's as small as someone accidentally submitting Sora art to the Roxas art folder. Sometimes it's a little more confusing such as submitting Axel into the Heroes Folder(a lot of different perspectives on whether he is a hero or not). And often times it's as bad as submitting stolen work into the group as a whole...

If you happen to actually want to know why? We are REALLY. NICE. PEOPLE. IF. YOU. ARE. POLITE.

Ask us "Hey, do you mind telling me or letting me know why my art work was declined?"


"Hey? I'll give you candy if you tell me why my stuff wasn't allowed in your gallery?"

We will probably (and happily) inform you why.

But if you just downright post in the comments of our group "AT LEAST TELL ME WHY YOU DECLINED IT YOU JERKS" or "TCH WELL FINE THEN I HATE YOU GUYS YOU SUCK ANYWAY"... yeah we're going to fight fire with fire.

At least I am.

It's easy to admit even as old as I am I am not the mature one of the admins. :iconsoraisseriousplz:

Just know, remember, PLEASE REMEMBER, it is not OUR JOB to tell you WHY unless you ask nicely. We decline if it does not follow the rules, simple as that.

:iconayamehikari: :iconsaysplz:Now gimme hugs.
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DeoFairyNOL 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
IDRK in wich foulder I upload Orga XIII Pics xD
would u make one ?
karusuman 23 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
There is an Organization XIII folder ;p
DeoFairyNOL 22 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*search again* I real can't find it .___.
maybe some one delete it or I'm only to stupid to find it xD
DeoFairyNOL 23 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
realy ? I don't see it ^^'' sorry <3 *give a cookie to forgive*
karusuman 22 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Its under the Villains main folder :)
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